Thursday, 13 September 2012

Essie 'Smooth Trick' Cuticle Oil

I have been absolutely loving this Smooth Trick cuticle oil by Essie lately.  I've been somewhat neglecting my nails recently, I don't know why but I just have been to lazy to maintain them and keep them looking nice and strong.  I have naturally brittle nails anyway so trying to get them looking in tip top condition is always a challenge for me.

However after getting fed up of them looking dull and generally rubbish, I decided to get back on it with nail care.  First stop, cuticles! My cuticles have been super dry and rough lately, splitting quite a lot which is really quite sore. So I set out on a mission to find a great cuticle oil to help repair and restore them.  I came across this little beauty in TK Maxx for a steal at just £3.99, and I am loving it.  The packaging is gorgeous, and what I love most is the applicator tip.  It is a soft, transparent 'pointer' which allows you to apply the product cleanly and evenly around the cuticles. It is also ever so delicately scented, which I love. The fact the product comes in such a handy tube makes it ideal for applying on the go mess-free, so it's perfect for when your cuticles are feeling in a little need of some attention.

I have been using this for about a week now, and already the condition of my cuticles has improved dramatically.  I have never really looked at the beauty section of TK Maxx before, but after finding this little gem (and a few other bargains which I shall review soon) I will most definately be going back for more!

Have you tried any cuticle oils? What are your favourites?

S x

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  1. wow tkmax bargain! i never really look at the beauty section either i may give it a peak next time, i tend to use solar oil on my nails but this looks good.