Thursday, 30 August 2012

This weeks wish list

September is an expensive month for me, being several family members birthdays, so unfortunately I am having to be a bit careful with my spending (it's so difficult!) The plus side is, it is also my birthday too, so I have compiled a little rundown of the items I am really keen to get my hands on soon :)

1) Daniel Sandler Watercolour Creme Bronzer

I have been lusting after this product ever since seeing the gorgeous Sam Chapman post a bronzing tutorial on Pixiwoo. I have to have it! And it's currently only £12.50 on Feel Unique...surely I can treat myself for that price! :)

2) MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

I've seen this product across the blogosphere being raved about. I have a few MUA blushes which I have always been impressed with, and am desparate to get my hands on this palette. I only really wear neutral, earthy colours on my eyes and this collection looks perfect. However it isn't stocked in my local Superdrug! *sigh*

3) Topshop Lip Marker in Berry

I must admit, I do love the Autumn months, and as I feel them creeping closer, I like to go darker with my lip colour. I'm a huge fan of lip tints, and am on the hunt for a dark one to take me through the changing seasons. This Topshop one looks like a great shade.

4) Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Again this is another product I have read about online.  I have always been good with skincare, however lately I am just not happy with the way my skin is looking, and am keen to try out something new to see if it makes a difference.  My skin at the moment is very uneven, almost patchy looking. Liquid Gold is a lotion based chemical exfoliant which claims to even out skin tone and tighten pores - and since my pores are literally the size of dinner plates at the moment, I'm really eager to give this a try!

5) Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask

I love my Moroccan Oil, and lets face it, it's a huge winner in the blog world and everyone and their nan is raving about it! However I am really keen to try out the hydrating mask.  My hair is beginning to feel really quite dry on the ends lately (it definately needs a cut, but I'm too lazy to go!) and I really do enjoy the luxury of a hair mask. Definately on my to try list!

6) Talika Eyebrow Extender

Probably the product I am eager to try the most. I came across this product whilst browsing Feel Unique, and I am desparate to try it out. It is a gel which contains tiny little hair-like fibres, which claim to enhance and extend the length of your eyebrows.  Certainly a product I have never come across before, and would love to give it a go.

Are there any particular items you are lusting for at the moment?

S x


  1. Ohh, I've been wanting to try out the liquid gold too! I've also been lusting after the Caudalie Moisturising Sorbet & Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. Fab post x x

  2. I'm so keen to try the Advanced Night Repair, I've wanted it for ages too! I just can't bring myself round to paying the price of it though! :) xx