Friday, 31 August 2012

Japonesque Heated Eyelash Curlers

Heated Eyelash Curlers - £12.50 

I purchased these Japonesque Heated Eyelash Curlers a few weeks back from the John Lewis website, having read various positive reviews about them online.

When the product arrived, the battery which was supplied with the curlers didn't work, so straight away, not a great start! The only battery which worked in them at the time was one from my T.V remote and to be honest, I couldn't be bothered to faff about switching batteries around in order to use these curlers.
However I have recently put a new battery in them and have been reusing them, to try and get the most out of it. In all honesty, I am a little disappointed with this product. For me, it doesn't curl my lashes at all, though it does do a good job of separating and lifting the lashes, which in turn does make my mascara look a little better, but nothing outstanding.

If you are expecting curl, then stick to the traditional eyelash curlers, as this really doesn't create the longed for curl at all. However if you are looking for lift and separation, this does do a good job. 

Have you tried any heated eyelash curlers before? What were your experiences?

S x

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  1. I have often wondered if these were any good, thanks for the heads up! I will stick with my curlers x