Monday, 2 July 2012

Rimmel Ultra Violet Pro Polish

I have always been a fan of  the Lycra Pro Rimmel nail polishes as I love the consistency and the wide brush makes application fast and easy. I have been trying to steer away from purple coloured polishes due to the sheer amount I have of the colour, but when I spotted this shade 'Ultra Violet', I just had to have it!

It is quite pastel-esque in terms of the finish, but highly pigmented in colour and is bold and bright without being too 'in your face', which is ideal for me! The colour is showing up a little more blue in these images than real life. I'd describe it as a dark lilac, if that makes sense?! It also claims to be chip resistant for up to 10 days.  I can't really comment on that as I've only been wearing it a day so far, but the fact that I tend to get bored with my nail colour rather easily means I doubt it'll be on my nails for 10 days to give an accurate review!

I can't quite remember what I paid for this polish but I believe it was around the £4 mark, so excellent value for money. I do recommend!

S x

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