Saturday, 21 July 2012

Avène redness-relief moisturising protecting emulsion

Despite its rather long-winded name, Avène redness-relief moisturising protecting emulsion has quickly become my favourite moisturiser, after literally years and years of trying out all sorts.  I love it so much that I am now onto my third bottle, and I don't see myself trying out a different moisturiser in the near future!

The consistency is quite thick, yet doesn't sit heavily on the skin at all. In fact it sinks in extremely quickly, leaving my skin feeling soft and supple, and not overly shiny (not a good look!) My foundation also glides on super easily, and I find I'm not reaching out for a primer in such a long time, which is good as my skin can go a little hectic if I overload it with too many products.

It also has a really subtle, fresh scent, and with an SPF of 20, it helps protect the skin too. It's primary claim is redness relief, which I believe it does. My skin doesn't react so quickly to normal factors which cause redness, though I don't suffer from huge amounts of redness apart from when I cleanse my skin, and sometimes in the mornings.  My main reason for loving this moisturiser is for it's enriching consistency whilst not blocking my pores. I have found in the past that my skin is quite often dehydrated, yet the products targeted at dry skin would sometimes be too rich and cause me to break out.

I think paid around £12 for this product, so it isn't overly expensive, and I find a little goes a long way. I definitely wouldn't be without it now!

S x 


  1. I'd like to try this cream!
    I opened few days ago a new blog, I'd be happy to have a new follower like you! Kisses

  2. It really is great, you should definitely try it if you get a chance to, I highly recommend! Thankyou for checking out my blog, I really appreciate that :) i'm off to check yours out now :) x