Friday, 27 July 2012

July Glossybox

Clockwise from top left: Elizabeth Arden Skin Balancing Skincare sample sachets, Monuspa Golden Glow Face and Body Bronzer, Clynol Colour & Care Shampoo, Elizabeth Arden Skin Balancing Lotion, Jelly Pong Pong Irish Cream Pavlova Lip Frosting, HD Brows Eyebrow Palette in Vamp

I have been subscribing to the Glossybox for around a year now, maybe a little less.  At first, I loved getting my box in the post, excited to see all the little treats ready for me to try out.  But to be honest, I did begin to get a little disappointed in the last few months, particularly as I would always seem to get some form of body wash which I don't really find particularly exciting.  I would also be a bit gutted when I would check out other Glossybox reviews on my favourite beauty blogs to see that they received an item better than what I had! Bad times!

However this has been turned around with the July Glossybox that I received the other day. I'm absolutely chuffed with it, and am really impressed with the products I have received.  The Monuspa Golden Glow Face and Body Bronzer is one product I am eager to try, now that my holiday tan is beginning to fade (sigh!)  plus it smells delicious. The Jelly Pong Pong lip frosting also smells yummy, and is super moisturising on the lips. I'm not overly sure on the frosted finish, but that's purely down to me not really being a fan of frosted finishes on the lips.  I'm eager to try the Elizabeth Arden Skin Balancing products, as I am always keen to test new skincare products on my face to see whether they have any benefits on my quite often stubborn skin!

Yet the product that got me most excited was the full size HD Brows Eyebrow Palette in Vamp.

I am so happy to have received this product, because I was literally *this* close to purchasing it! It was waiting patiently in my basket, and all I was doing was holding out until payday (today) to make the purchase. But for once luck was on my side, and there it appeared, in all it's glory, in my Glossybox on Wednesday! I'm super excited to try it out, and will post up a full review once I've given it a go. Looks like Glossybox have won me back over again!


Saturday, 21 July 2012

Avène redness-relief moisturising protecting emulsion

Despite its rather long-winded name, Avène redness-relief moisturising protecting emulsion has quickly become my favourite moisturiser, after literally years and years of trying out all sorts.  I love it so much that I am now onto my third bottle, and I don't see myself trying out a different moisturiser in the near future!

The consistency is quite thick, yet doesn't sit heavily on the skin at all. In fact it sinks in extremely quickly, leaving my skin feeling soft and supple, and not overly shiny (not a good look!) My foundation also glides on super easily, and I find I'm not reaching out for a primer in such a long time, which is good as my skin can go a little hectic if I overload it with too many products.

It also has a really subtle, fresh scent, and with an SPF of 20, it helps protect the skin too. It's primary claim is redness relief, which I believe it does. My skin doesn't react so quickly to normal factors which cause redness, though I don't suffer from huge amounts of redness apart from when I cleanse my skin, and sometimes in the mornings.  My main reason for loving this moisturiser is for it's enriching consistency whilst not blocking my pores. I have found in the past that my skin is quite often dehydrated, yet the products targeted at dry skin would sometimes be too rich and cause me to break out.

I think paid around £12 for this product, so it isn't overly expensive, and I find a little goes a long way. I definitely wouldn't be without it now!

S x 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Simply Pure Aqua Hydrating Serum

I had been keen to try a facial serum for some time as a contrast from my usual moisturiser.  My skin is totally chaotic, it's dry at times, oily at other times, prone to redness and the occasional spot, and it is also super sensitive.  Being a total novice when it comes to serums I honestly didn't have a clue which one to go for, and I felt a lot of serums available on the market were a little expensive. And to be honest, I didn't really fancy forking out much for something which I wasn't sure would work for me (I'm totally broke at the moment!)

However when picking up some essentials from Superdrug a few months ago, I was drawn to their Simply Pure range, and noticed that they offered several facial serums at a really affordable price. So I thought why not? And I am so glad I did. I'm currently on my second bottle and I totally love this product. It is moisturising whilst being incredibly light on the skin. It also absorbs really quickly and makes a great base for make-up.

The only downside about this product is its lack of SPF. As a result I usually wear it overnight, which really gives it chance to work into my skin (I also tend to go a bit OTT at night and slather loads on, but it does the job!), unless I'm opting to wear a foundation with SPF. It is also fragrance free, which isn't something I normally like (I'm a total sucker for sweet scents!) however it really isn't an issue, and since it is such a great product I can't complain.

For £4.49, it is also a steal.  I will definitely be picking up another when this one runs out!

S x 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Maybelline SuperStay Tint Gloss

10 hour tint gloss in Forever Coral

I'm a big lover of tinted lip products, particularly lip stain pens, because I love the look of having a hint of colour without the need to go for a really bold lip.  And I am pretty shy about wearing bold colours on my lips during the day purely because of my own insecurities (I don't really like drawing too much attention to myself!)  However I was on the hunt for a bright red lip pen to add to my collection.  Unfortunately the product I had my eye on the most, 17's Berry Crush lip tint pens, were pretty much sold out or the ones that were left were tatty and grimy, pretty grim and a bit unhygienic!  So I carried on browsing the make up aisles for something similar, until I came across Maybelline's SuperStay Tint glosses.  "They look interesting" I thought to myself, and proceeded to swatch a couple of the shades. 

Well what can I say. I can't believe I hadn't heard of this product before, not even on the television! It is absolutely what it says on the tube, a tint gloss. It is lightweight, smells super fruity and has just the right amount of shine without looking overly glossy. It also feels comfortable on the lips, and being a gloss, I find it doesn't dry my lips out.  The tint itself claims to last for 10 hours, something which I can't vouch for as I haven't really left it that long without reapplying. However what I do like is that the colour fades naturally, not in patches, and can be built up to create a more dramatic effect.  I also love the shape of the wand, it makes application really easy and even, something which I find can be a little difficult with tint pens (I end up having darker patches all over my lips!)

I will definitely be investing in the other shades available. And at £6.99, I think they are a really affordable product to add to your collection.

S x

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Soap and Glory 'Peaches and Clean' Cleansing Milk

Soap and Glory is a brand which I have been a fan of for a long time, having initially been drawn in by their super cute packaging and delicious scent (I'm definitely a sucker for pretty packaging!)  So when I ran out of my usual cleanser (Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish), I had to seek a replacement whilst waiting for my new bottle to arrive.  So off I mooched around Boots, and naturally was drawn to the Soap and Glory stand.  After skimming around for a bit, I spotted the Peaches and Clean deep cleansing milk, and was definitely sold by its claim to 'melt away' make-up.

And it really does! Unlike my Liz Earle cleanser, I do have to wet my face before applying this product, but as soon as I do, I can feel my make-up begin to melt off, and it even works well on my waterproof mascara.
I find that two 'rounds' with Peaches and Clean removes all of my make-up, and the product itself has a distinctive peach scent which is really nice.

Priced at £7, it is reasonably priced for a high street beauty brand, and I believe it's worth the cost. So much so that I am now on my second bottle!

S x

Monday, 2 July 2012

Rimmel Ultra Violet Pro Polish

I have always been a fan of  the Lycra Pro Rimmel nail polishes as I love the consistency and the wide brush makes application fast and easy. I have been trying to steer away from purple coloured polishes due to the sheer amount I have of the colour, but when I spotted this shade 'Ultra Violet', I just had to have it!

It is quite pastel-esque in terms of the finish, but highly pigmented in colour and is bold and bright without being too 'in your face', which is ideal for me! The colour is showing up a little more blue in these images than real life. I'd describe it as a dark lilac, if that makes sense?! It also claims to be chip resistant for up to 10 days.  I can't really comment on that as I've only been wearing it a day so far, but the fact that I tend to get bored with my nail colour rather easily means I doubt it'll be on my nails for 10 days to give an accurate review!

I can't quite remember what I paid for this polish but I believe it was around the £4 mark, so excellent value for money. I do recommend!

S x